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Secure Your Mobile Device with a Single Norton Antivirus

As per data & stats on about millions of computer get affected by viruses in existence on every 18 seconds! A system virus can harm anything on your computer from deleting system files to hacking of credit card information etc.

Most users get virus from an email attachment or by any other type of software that has a virus attached to it. There are some things that one must be aware of, but having a right help on antivirus technical issues is an absolute must. First of all, you shouldn't go for any other help options that you are not sure about. There are majority of third party support services offering help on Norton Antivirus technical issues and even more that need your attention all the time.

In the same way safety of mobile devices is utmost necessary, according to the definition a virus is a program that can copy itself and infect a mobile data without even knowledge of the user. This is now made even easier with the popularity of the Norton Mobile Security products that stop virus to spread easily across the mobile network. There can be some viruses or programs that you already have installed, those must be deleted from the phone system regardless the type of Smartphone, as it will slow down your system and cause system crashes and data loss.

Here are the steps on how you can secure multiple Smartphone devices with the Norton Antivirus product:All types of Smartphones (Android, iPads and iPhones) can be secured with a single subscription of Norton Antivirus.

Features of Norton Mobile Security:

  • Protection from unauthorized websites & access.
  • Help block all kinds of unwanted calls & text messages.
  • Create alert for missing device.
  • Locks your phone on the removal of SIM card .
  • Locks your Smartphone from remote location

Using Norton Antivirus Software gives you freedom from a lot of security issues and it is the best solution out there for security concerns on your mobile device.

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