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How to Use Intelligent Updater for Update Your Virus definitions?

If you are a Norton antivirus user, it’s necessary to know that Symantec has recommended that a user needs to use LiveUpdate for this antivirus that is possible by using intelligent updater file. One can use this intelligent updater on the Windows that is designed for customers to get updates and this is a self-executing file..

How to download an intelligent updater file?

  • Open your web browser, then you can go this link
  • Now click on a right file with .exe extension.
  • You need to select a location to store this file on your PC or you can create a separate folder on your PC.
  • Now, you can send this file to your client computers by using a distribution method.

How to Use Intelligent Updater for Update Your Virus definitions?

  • First, visit the “Open downloader page”.
  • Here, you can choose a right definition; you need to aware about the name and edition of your antivirus program as well as about your Windows.First, you need to know your antivirus version and Second, you should which Windows you are working on.
  • After knowing both the things, you need to select a right definition for this antivirus program.
  • You need to save this file on your PC.
  • After that, you need to double-click on downloaded file.
  • It will open a Symantec intelligent updater window, where you need to click on Yes to complete this process.
  • Once it is done with updating the definitions, in the next step you will get an option to click “OK” and you are done with an updation process.

With the above-mentioned steps, one can easily update virus definitions with the help of intelligent updater. In case, you are not able to perform this method successfully, you get stuck while following these given steps, no worries you can give a call at Norton antivirus technical support number 1800-921-376 to converse with an expert.

Experts will help you in updating your virus definitions and stay with you until you are done with this process.

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